Personal Branding Photoshoot in Boston with Christie Wang


“The US is not for you... I don't think you will like it” - said so many friends of mine. And you know what? I LOVED it.

After my time in Florida, feeling inspired by all the knowledge I gained at the mastermind with Heidi Hapanowicz and the fellow US branding photographers, I headed to Boston in May. I heard many cool things about that area, so it was my time to discover.

My stay in Boston was not only about vacationing, but also about putting all I've learned into action. I reached out on Instagram to a badass marathon runner and Pilates teacher – Christie Wang - and she was immediately up for a photoshoot. Yay!!

She 100% understood the value of a branding shoot and knew that a set of branded photos can elevate her brand and Insta game. Shortly after, she filled out my branding questionnaire, helped me to find a local makeup and hair artist, we discussed her photo needs and we chose our photoshoot locations... soon, I found myself shooting the beautiful Christie in one of Boston's most gorgeous parks.

Have a look at some of the photos we created:



Boston is such a great place, there are so many universities in the area, people are super lovely, the music scene is vibrant and the architecture is special.

You know, Boston is really nice... but it was time to head for the biggest adventure yet: my first time in New York City... to be continued!

More about Christie:

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