Photography Business Mastermind with Heidi Hapanowicz


When I saw that my photography business mentor announced her in- person Personal Branding Photography workshop in Tampa, Florida, I knew I have to act. My gut feeling told me to register and so I did, immediately.

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Once I read from Tai Lopez that we shall prioritize our own education and attend conferences each month- preferably internationally. I'm at a point in my life that I realized: I can design my own life. Oh yeah!


Fast- forward a few months and I found myself at Tampa airport. I love to book flight tickets or make decisions where there's no way back- you have to stick to your choice. You know, this was my first adult and solo time in the US- definitely a challenge. But I am so happy I went with it. Usually, things are scary only in advance anyway.


The workshop itself was more a mastermind than a simple workshop. I got the special opportunity to come together with professional US photographers and discuss all important aspects of our personal branding photography businesses. We covered during the first day how to find new clients, how to create a whole new portfolio, how to set up our websites the best possible way, how to communicate on social media, how to prepare a photoshoot, how to find the best locations etc. Wow!



The second day was all about portfolio building. Heidi invited her former real life clients and off we went- shooting 7 series of brand new personal branding photos. The house got filled with props, outfit choices, makeup artists in action and of course enthusiastic photographers running around everywhere, collaborating and helping each other to get the best shots.



But this workshop was not only about building our portfolios or discussing certain aspects of our businesses. It was about meeting likeminded photographers who have similar dreams, goals and ambitions.


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I can't finish this post without mentioning the head of our mastermind: Heidi Hapanowicz. She is just a special kind. Heidi is not holding back information, she is INCREDIBLY generous to share her hard- earned knowledge and wants everyone to succeed. We are very lucky to be able to learn from her and collaborate under her guidance. What an opportunity to learn from one of the best Personal Branding Photographers in the United States. Thank you Heidi for everything you were teaching us! And guys, I brought home to Europe all the brand new knowledge I gained!!!


I combined my visit with some vacation time, so I stayed for a little longer in Tampa, enjoying the tropical summer nights and gorgeous sunsets at Clearwater beach. The lovely warm weather was much needed after the European cold winter in Vienna.  


Overall, my advice: if you have the opportunity to attend masterminds in your own field- don't hesitate to do so. It can skyrocket your motivation.

Thank you Jama Finney, Heidi Hapanowicz and Carrie Roseman for the behind the scenes pics.


// My US trip blogpost series continues... next stop: Boston.

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