Should You Get Professional Makeup For Your Personal Branding Photoshoot?


One of the biggest fear of my clients (next to skydiving) is that they won't look authentic when they get their hair/makeup done professionally. I listened to these concerns, so I reached out to Isis Zrost- Vienna's girlboss makeup artist - to share with us her expertise regarding the importance of pro makeup.

Isis, why do you think it is important to get pro makeup/hair for a personal branding photoshoot?

When presenting your business, you want to look your best, professional and confident. Pro makeup/hair makes sure you compliment your appearance, matching your style to your business. Because makeup for photos differs from your daily makeup routine, a pro artist knows how to bring out your features ensuring a clean and flawless look when it comes to lighting and the camera.

What's the key for nailing the perfect makeup?

Listening to your client and observing his/her style to emphasize their personality instead of covering up what makes them unique. Knowing your way around the right products for the different skin types and lots of practice are very important factors as well. And of course - the right tools go a long way.


What can you say to people who are afraid that after getting their makeup done, they won't look true to themselves?

Book a pro you feel has the working style you are looking for. Don´t be afraid to ask questions and talk about what is important to you when you present your business. Talk to them about your vision beforehand. And last but not least - make sure to trust the artist you booked.

Do you think that pro makeup contributes to someone's self confidence in front of the lens? If yes, why?

A definite yes. I don´t like to say the word flaws when it comes to faces - but I know that people tend to look at themselves through the magnifying glass. We, as pros, make sure all of those "imperfections" are invisible and the features our clients love about themselves get a boost. We ensure their inner beauty is revealed on the outside to make them see themselves in the best light.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Investing in a pro makeup artist will give your pictures "the something extra" that you want your clients to see when they search for you. Pro makeup complements the whole experience and outcome.

Thank you Isis for your awesome input. If you want to get to know her work better, head on over to: or stalk her on Instagram: @isiszrostmakeup.

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