What is Personal Branding Photography and why is it good for your business?


When I'm introducing myself at events as a personal branding photographer, people often look at me with big eyes. Ok, Iza, but... what is that exactly?

Let's clear up the air and talk about this brand new field of photography. And most importantly about why is it beneficial for YOUR business.

  1. Personal Branding Photography is similar to lifestyle photography as the images have natural, authentic and lifestyle vibes, but a personal brand photographer participates actively in discovering your brand and planning your photoshoot that will match your business perfectly. The process starts with mapping your brand message, figuring out your main colours, giving input on what kind of photos you need for your website and social media channels, discussing and giving tips on the locations and outfits, and helping you in the entire process.

  2. Clean portraits are important, but brand photography goes further and covers all type of content you might need in your professional life. The goal is to show your future clients how it is to work with you – even before they work with you. To give a personal, branded, authentic, welcoming, warm message with your images that will create an instant connection.

  3. “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Ever heard of that? A personal branding photographer is ready to connect you with top professionals. Makeup artists, branding agents, web designers – anything you need to launch you into success. What a missed opportunity to upload your stunning photos to an old-fashioned website.

  4. Professional photos make you look professional – it’s simple as that. People give us only a few seconds before they make a judgement, so we better make our best to leave a good impression. We might not have a second chance.

  5. After having a personal branding photoshoot, you no longer have to worry that you don't have high quality photos. They will be ready and available any time you need to post on your social media feed, on your website, on your blog, if you need images for marketing purposes, for a speaking gig or a guest article. That’s what I call freedom.

Are you interested to elevate your game and get professional, branded photos?

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